Our history

More than 20 years of professional solutions

The history of HSS GROUP dates back to 1998, when Mr. Sebastian Acosta Diaz founded Gestoria Hispano-Suiza Acosta LLC in Zurich, initially focused solely on translation and interpreting services for Spanish-speaking residents in the country. However, the company soon became aware of the needs of Spanish-speaking residents and companies in terms of management and consultancy services and began to expand with a single objective: to create a group of companies through which to offer a comprehensive service, capable of assisting companies and professionals in all areas related to their activity.

In 2001, the group began to diversify with the foundation of HSS HIGH STANDARD SERVICES LLC (later HSS TREUHAND Ltd.), which was set up to offer business administration services and tax, legal and accounting advice to all types of companies, professionals, and individuals, as well as opening branches in other cantons in Switzerland.


Today, HSS GROUP is present in various parts of the country (Zürich, Schwyz, Zug…), and has experienced a great growth in size and number of employees. All this to be your reliable partner for all administrative, financial, and legal matters. Do you need more reasons?

A philosophy focused on the client and always adapting to the needs, context, and characteristics of each one. 100% personalised.

Our team

Professional experts in the different areas

At HSS GROUP we are aware that our team is our main asset. Made up of qualified professionals with extensive professional experience, our multidisciplinary staff can meet all the demands and needs of our clients, as we work through specialisation in the different areas of our business.


Along with this eagerness to be meticulous and seek the highest quality in everything we do, our team is characterised by always working with a fundamental objective: to always focus on our customers. This allows us to provide the best service, with a close and individualised treatment, and personalised solutions that are totally adapted to the needs of each one. We are always thinking about what is best for you!

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Full service partner

A single partner, for multiple services. At HSS GROUP we offer comprehensive solutions to cover all the objectives and needs of our clients, both in administrative, financial, legal, accounting, and operational matters... In this way, we become your trusted advisor and manager, so that you can save time and management with different suppliers. All services unified in a single partner!

Experts in counselling

Our more than 20 years of experience are our guarantee. At HSS GROUP we have extensive experience offering professional services to cover all the financial, administrative, and legal needs of our clients, with a multidisciplinary team of experts, ready to solve any problem, question or request you may have. Our eagerness is focused on offering a quality, adapted and personalised service, so we will be there for you!

Corporate and private

Not only do we offer solutions in various fields, but also adapted to any type of client! Whether you are a company (large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups...), professional or self-employed; or if you are an individual who needs to solve any legal, fiscal, or financial issue, at HSS GROUP we are here to help you! Contact us and we will find the best solution adapted to your needs.

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