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Whether you have decided to set up a company in Switzerland or you already have one, you will need a wide range of services to carry out your activity… and we are your best allie!


At HSS GROUP we guarantee all the services necessary for the correct functioning of your company without the need for you to resort to different providers.

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To be able to run your business properly in Switzerland, it is essential to have a registered domicile in the country. This is not only a prerequisite for setting up your company but will also make it easier for you to enter the Swiss market by having a reliable physical address for customers and suppliers.


Therefore, if you do not have a place for your administrative activities, at HSS GROUP we offer you domiciliation services so that you can have a physical business address in the country and carry out your activity with solidity.


If you have a domicile with a respective business address for your company, it is likely that you will need some essential secretarial services to deal with those who come into contact with your business, like the authorities, suppliers, clients or collaborators.


To help you manage your business better, HSS GROUP can carry out various administrative functions from your business address. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Receiving and sending correspondence
  • Receiving telephone calls
  • Remittance of messages
  • And much more!


Do you need someone to represent your company? At HSS GROUP we can help you! We offer you representation services through our qualified staff. In this way, we can take on functions in the management, the board of directors (in the case of a limited liability company) or the board of directors (in the case of a limited company), and support you in making strategic, administrative, or operational decisions in your company. 


It is important for you to consider that Swiss law requires that the company must have at least one person resident in the country with the right to sign. Therefore, we also include this option in our representation services.


Setting up a well-functioning company in Switzerland is not only about the legal aspect… your human capital is also crucial. So, if you live in another country and want to set up in Switzerland, need to relocate company employees from one canton to another, or even bring in a foreign employee, you will need to fulfil certain requirements, as well as make some arrangements to facilitate the set-up.


To make your entry into Switzerland and that of your employees a smooth process, HSS GROUP offers a range of services to facilitate the immigration and relocation process. These include:


  • Arrangements for obtaining a work permit
  • Search for a rented apartment or assistance to buy your own property
  • Arrangements for obtaining a resident permit
  • Opening a bank account
  • Location of housing, schools, etc.
  • And much more!


We can guide you and help you with your relocation and that of your employees because we have a wide network of contacts in the country. With us you are in the best hands!

Changes in the Commercial Register

Do you need to change the entries in the commercial register of your company? If, after registering your company, you need to make any changes, HSS GROUP can help you. Our experts will guide you through the process to make the modifications you need, such as changing the registered office from one canton to another.


Our services are guaranteed and designed to give you results, as we have a professional team with extensive experience in the sector. We are here to help you!

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