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In Switzerland, real estate law is a complex issue due to the country’s high population density and limited land resources. As a result, real estate laws are somewhat restrictive and only those who are resident in the country are allowed to purchase real estate.


If you are planning to move to Switzerland and want to buy a property, or if you have a property in Switzerland and want to sell or rent it, HSS GROUP can support you. We have a professional and reliable team to manage your real estate, contact us!

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If your goal is to buy a property in Switzerland, we are sure that it will be a good investment, as the Swiss real estate market is very solid. Buying a property in this country is not that easy, however, with the help of HSS GROUP you will have nothing to worry about, we will help you find the property you are looking for and take care of all the necessary steps!


Thanks to our extensive experience in the country’s real estate sector, we will be able to locate your ideal property and accompany you throughout the buying and selling process. Our services include:


  • Support and help in finding your dream property
  • Inspection of the property with appropriate due diligence
  • Support in negotiating the contract as well as the notarial certification
  • Support and help in finding funding
  • Advice and support after signing the contract
  • Management and rental of the property
  • Transfer or professional handover of the property
  • Advice on proposals for the redevelopment or renovation of real estate
  • Other services.


If buying a property can be a complex and lengthy process, so is selling it. The first difficulty that owners encounter is setting an ideal price, as they are often unaware of the market situation. Trust us to put your property up for sale and you will have nothing to worry about!


With HSS GROUP you will always have professional support to manage the sale of your property in a realistic time frame. In addition, we will ensure that the price is adjusted to the real estate reality and as beneficial as possible for you, and we will help you with all the necessary steps:


  • Creation of sales documentation
  • Sales advertisements for the property
  • Taking care of all communication and visits from potential buyers
  • Drafting of the sales contract and representation in front of the notary
  • Transfer or handover of the property
  • Post-sale advice
  • Tax advice and tax planning
  • Settlement of property gains taxes
  • Further Steps.

Property management

If you do not have enough time to manage or rent your properties, don’t worry! We have a team of professional property management experts at your disposal to take care of all the formalities and procedures associated with this matter.


From HSS GROUP, we will help you with the management of the rental of your property, as well as other services such as:


  • Commercial management of your property, even if it is a rental or freehold property
  • Drawing up invoices for property expenses, heating, and other charges
  • Other formalities. 

Facility services

Owning a property requires regular care to keep it in good condition for a long time and preserve its value. This includes regular servicing, maintenance work, ongoing and unplanned repairs by proven experts. 


At HSS GROUP we understand how important it is for you to take care of your real estate. That is why we support you in the search and selection of these experts and craftsmen and monitor your work and their invoicing in your interests.


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