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One of the most important and sensitive topics for a freelancer or entrepreneur is taxation. The Swiss tax system has different levels, with taxes at municipal, cantonal and federal level, so knowing them well is key to running a business in Switzerland.


Whether you are a company or a private individual, HSS GROUP offers you the tax advice you need. Our team of experts in Swiss taxation will help you with the VAT, tax at source, your tax returns, tax planning and many other aspects related to tax management.

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Tax management specialists

Tax declaration

Do you know what your tax obligations are? At HSS GROUP we take care of your tax management so that you can comply with all your tax obligations under Swiss law.


As experts in tax consultancy, our job is to help you with all aspects of tax filing, including optimising your company’s taxation to prevent your organisation from making a financial loss and ensuring that you have an appropriate tax strategy in place. We offer services such as:


  • Preparation of tax declarations.
  • Advice on the preparation of documents such as profit and loss statements, annual financial statements, and tax balance sheets.
  • Review of tax invoices.
  • Manage of objection processes
  • Manage of appeal procedures
  • Accompanying tax audits
  • Lead of Self-disclosure procedures
  • And much more!

Tax planning

Can the amount of tax payable be minimised? Yes, with proper tax planning over several years the taxes can be minimized and the tax burden can be better distributed. At HSS GROUP, we offer this service for the analysis and development of strategies that allow your company (or you, individually) to delay or minimise the tax burden. Thus, we help you to achieve a more favourable tax map.


Our tax team specialized in Swiss Tax Law can help you to minimise taxes on a long-term and even on a permanent basis. In addition, we can guide you in all matters relating to cross-border taxation (from a Swiss point of view). The tax planning services we offer at HSS GROUP include:


  • Capital and turnover taxes
  • Long-term dividend policy
  • Improvement of the annual year-end closing
  • Taxation of company sales and purchases
  • Tax-neutral restructuring
  • Wage policy and social security
  • Estate planning and retirement planning
  • And more!


Remember that at HSS GROUP we offer our services to both companies and private individuals, so that you, as an individual, can also benefit from our help with our advice concerning tax planning and tax declarations if you need it. Whether you are self-employed or not, you will have the solution that best suits you!

Flat rate taxation

Do you know how the flat tax in Switzerland works? Also known as the forfait taxation, it is a system of paying taxes based on a taxpayer’s living expenses rather than on their actual expenses or wealth.


This tax regime only applies to foreigners who are not working in Switzerland and has been gradually phased out but is still applied differently in some cantons. So, if you have any doubts about taxation based on expenditure or if you have any unresolved issues related to this tax regime, we at HSS GROUP can help you. Contact us!


Another fundamental tax that companies must deal with is the VAT (Value Added Tax, MWST), a complex tax burden that requires proper management to prevent inconvenience to the company and to achieve significant cost savings.


At HSS GROUP, we can also help you with this tax! Our extensive experience in the field enables us to handle all VAT-related tax requirements so that your company can concentrate on other areas of the business. As your tax representative, we handle all your company’s correspondence, requests, and communications from the tax authorities as well as from Swiss customs. In addition, we offer you services such as:

  • Analysis of the VAT business situation
  • VAT advice and planning
  • Invoicing
  • Implementation of VAT requirements in all accounting processes
  • Audit support
  • Development and implementation of performance optimisation measures
  • Advice on cross-border customs formalities
  • Regular document controls
  • VAT recovery
  • Fiscal representation in Switzerland before the authorities
  • And more!

Withholding taxes

The “withholding tax mechanism” is a mechanism through which the authorities collect taxes from workers in advance. With this mechanism, the contributions are not made by the taxpayers themselves, but by the employer, so it is essential that the company is aware of it and ensures proper compliance.


At HSS GROUP we can help you with everything related to this type of tax collection, to find out which employees are subject to this regime, how to apply it and how to declare it to the tax authorities, among other things. Contact us!

Other taxes and special taxes

In addition to the taxes mentioned above, Switzerland levies various other taxes and special taxes, depending on the activity of the company: withholding taxes (e.g., on bank accounts or dividends), taxes on tobacco, alcohol, mineral oil, lottery, inheritance, and gift taxes, etc.


Our team of experts in Swiss taxation can advise you on how to deal with any excise duties you may have to deal with – we are at your disposal!

International taxation

If you need advice on international tax issues or global taxation, HSS GROUP is your ally, as we have a team highly trained in international tax matters that supports you in all tax matters with an international dimension.


In addition, we can advise you on all tax issues and work closely with your organisation to develop a transparent and strategic approach to managing your international obligations – contact us!

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